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What is an SEO marketing specialist?

An SEO marketing specialist is an expert who uses Search Engine Optimization to convert your prospects and satisfy your customers. 

It can be a researcher who identifies your relevant keywords and device a keyword strategy. 

It can be a writer who drafts search-engine-optimized content/copy and manages your content marketing. 

It can be an analyst who studies search algorithms and recommend best practices to improve your search rankings.  

But most of the time, it is an SEO expert who knows a great deal of online marketing. Or a marketing expert who knows and does search engine optimization. 

In both scenarios, an SEO Marketing Specialist plans, implements and manages -- or plays an essential role in -- your overall SEO strategy. 

SEO marketing specialist

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11 Things An SEO Marketing Specialist Does

1- He plans, develops and implements your SEO strategy. 

2- He works towards organic SEO and ROI maximization. 

3- He performs keywords research regularly and thoroughly. 

4- He identifies your visitor persona to target your primary and secondary audiences. 

5- He identifies SEO Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

6- He monitors and refines click rate, bounce rate, exit rate, and other SEO KPIs.

7- He identifies problems and solves them.

8- He keeps himself updated on the latest SEO trends and marketing practices. 

9- He helps your developers and marketeers to get the most out of your SEO marketing. 

10- He improves, adjusts and refines your SEO marketing strategy. 

11- He prepares and presents reports regularly. 

10 More Things A Talented SEO Marketing Specialist Does

1- He performs market analyses to identify trends and making recommendations to optimize those trends. 

2- He performs competitive analyses to understand your competition and run outperforming SEO marketing campaigns. 

3- He works with a problem-solving mindset and applies critical-thinking skills to make better decisions. 

4- He performs site audits and suggests the best SEO marketing practices. 

5- He uses big data analytics effectively to solve your marketing problems. 

6- He understands e-commerce systems.  

7- He performs On-page, Off-page, and technical SEO. 

8- He understands search algorithms. 

9- He loves Artificial Intelligence. [More on 'AI Love' in THIS post.] 

10- He works (can work) independently.

Previously, it was mostly advertising agencies, web development companies, and online media firms that used to hire SEO marketing specialists, but in recent years the trend has changed.

Now almost every company, from pawnshops to turf sellers, that has an online presence needs an SEO marketing specialist. 

Some employ SEO marketing specialists but most prefer hiring an independent SEO consulting expert. 

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