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What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is a human that makes machines rank your website higher. 

It's the person who knows search engines and does optimization to maximize your website traffic. 

He analyzes your website, makes a strategy and implements it to get you more visitors.  

Let's break it down. 

There are two things that make someone an SEO expert. 

  • First, knowing search engines.

  • Second, doing optimization.

What does knowing search engines mean? 

Well, it means knowing what search engines are all about, how they work, and what algorithms they use. 

It also means knowing all the important methods to make these algorithms improve your search engine rankings and maximize your website traffic. 

What does 'doing optimization' mean?

Well, it certainly means understanding your SEO goal that is increasing your digital exposure and maintaining your search engine domination... 

...but it also means taking every essential step in that direction. Which is: 

But not all experts are experts. Some are more experts. And always have these four traits.

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1. He is Skilled

A good SEO is usually a great webmaster. 

He knows coding, web editing, and web marketing. 

He also creates, installs and optimizes websites in a very short time. 

2. He Is Experienced

An experienced SEO knows your website is unique and needs a unique strategy to rank better. 

That's why he doesn't rely on just a few strategies. 

He comes up with a unique one every time he faces a challenge.  

3. He Is Successful

Fifteen years’ experience with no success is a shame. 

An expert 'expert SEO' is the one who has a success record to show. 

This could be his personal blog or client's project, ranking on the top Search Engine Results Pages, SERPs. 

You’ll know how successful he is.  

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) lover

As I answered, "An SEO expert is a human that makes machines rank your website higher." 

SEO is nothing but making machines show you on the top SERPs. 

An expert SEO loves optimization but more than that he loves AI. 

Because it's the evolution in AI, that forces him to keep his craft fresh, learn new techniques with every update