Top 3 ways of creating a direct link for Google reviews

Want to know the many ways of creating a direct link for Google reviews?

Then you have landed at the right place.

Getting a large number of online reviews about your business can positively affect your sales revenue & conversion rates.

Why create a direct link for Google Reviews?

According to the latest SEO practices, having a direct link for Google reviews can expand a business' online popularity.

This shows us the importance of creating a direct link for Google reviews.

An SEO expert can easily setup your Google My Business account, or you can create and optimize it yourself.

In this post, you’ll understand the several ways of creating a direct link for Google reviews.

As mentioned above, there are three distinct approaches to create a direct link for Google reviews.

Manually searching for the desired business and the Place ID tool through Google Search is still relevant.

Yet Google recommends that businesses make full use.

And take advantage of its new “short URL” and “short name”, methods; features that were recently launched.

Note that if you previously found your Google review link through Place ID or Search, it will still work.

You can make a direct link for Google reviews by one of two distinct ways: PlaceID Lookup Tool or Google Tool.

Direct link to Google reviews

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1. Method One: Business Short Name

Google enables you to make a "short name" for your business or brand.

This is then put at the end of your custom URL.

This eliminates the possibility of sharing a random URL. Also, it is considered a good SEO practice.

For instance, if you have a restaurant called "Goodies" you can put "goodies" as the short name.

This will serve as a direct link for Google reviews.

It will appear somewhat like:

Clients who go to this link are coordinated to your GMB listing where they express their experience by leaving a review.

This feature is accessible for most business classes and online traders.

Note that you need a business that is verified on Google to produce a short name.

By signing in to your GMB account, you can rapidly set up your short name and URL. Simply pursue the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the "Info" tab in the menu and afterward click on the option that says "Add profile short name”.
  • On the off chance that you have various locations that are registered under a similar Google account. Then you should tap on a particular area to create a short name for it.
  • Enter your preferred short name. Note: Up to 32 characters are allowed by Google for your business’s short name. You'll get an error message if the name you pick is as of now taken. Tip: On the off chance that you experience difficulty concocting an option. Attempt to discover novel approaches to curtail the name or include more terms. Like the area to make it increasingly extraordinary.
  • Simply click the "Apply" button when you are set. Your proposed short name will have a "Pending" status on it until it's endorsed by Google. It will at that point appear on your GMB profile.

Sharing the URL is similarly as simple as making the short name itself. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the "Home" section in the main menu, in your GMB account. From that point, click on the "Get More Reviews" segment.
  • Copy the URL that shows up in this segment. You can utilize this URL as a direct link for Google reviews on numerous forums and platforms. This will make it easy for customers to leave a review of your business.

You can also create a direct link for Google reviews through mobile phone. Here’s how:

You can likewise make a short name and URL through the GMB application on your cell phone. To do as such:

  • Go to the "Profile" area of your account and then click on the option named "Add profile short name".
  • Make your business' short name. Once more, the point of confinement is 32 characters.
  • Tap "Save" and you are all set

To share the direct link for Google reviews via the application follow these steps:

  • Find the "Customers" territory and tap the "Reviews" decision.
  • Tap the "Offer" image on the upper right of the screen. This is when the short name URL of your business will appear on the screen.
  • Copy the URL, which you would then have the option to use to grant to customers.

2. Method Two: Place ID Finder

Google offers a useful tool which can be found on this page: Google Maps developer page.

In the search bar, enter the name of the location and you are all set.

A text window pop-up will show up in front of you.

Highlighting progressions of symbols, numbers, and letters, all of which will make up the PlaceID.

For the last step, copy that PlaceID onto the URL as shown below, right after the "placeid=" string. < place_id >

This is all there is to it.

Now before moving on to the 3rd and final technique….

…let’s discuss how to productively create a direct link for Google Reviews.

Using Your Google Review Link: Want people to remember your brand for a long time?

Then having a Google review link is a must.

However, how would you go utilize that connection viably to get more reviews for clients initially? Incredible question.

Here is the answer.

  • Use SMS Messaging: Cell phones are pervasive in the present computerized age. And you can utilize them to have an immediate connection to any client. A great benefit of the short Google review link is that it lessens the general length of your message. This makes it easy and eye-catching for a customer to leave a review of your business. It also serves as a great tool to rapidly catch the consideration of any buyer. Three minutes is the average time in which most messages are read. To get more profitable customer reviews, a sincere tone along with a short link is monumental.
  • Send an Email: The prime time to send emails is right after the customer buys anything. A great SEO practice and off-page SEO strategy is to create an email campaign. This is also counted a great digital marketing tactic. Creating an outwardly engaging message with your Google review link can easily persuade clients to give reviews. This generous input can be used to pull more clients and improve the general administration.
  • Respond and Track Every Review: With the correct presentation, Google review links can acquire more input. At the point when this huge inundation comes in, ensure that you monitor every review. Luckily, you can track every one of the reviews posted by customers. As Google My Business incorporates a dedicated section for it. Additionally, you can also increase your online business’ reputation by replying to the reviews that customers have left. This is a superb feature offered by GMB. A study demonstrated that 76 percent of consumers expect companies to comprehend their expectations & needs. Here is the 3rd and final method of creating a direct link for Google Reviews

3. Method Three: Google Search

Google search is a great way of creating a direct link for Google reviews.

You can do a quick search of your local business on Google, much the same as normal clients. Here’s how you would go about it:

  • When you discover your business’s listing, click on the button named as "Write a review".
  • When the window (review) springs up, copy the URL in the location bar on the highest point of the screen.
  • The default series of numbers, images, and letters don’t make for an alluring URL.
  • Improve or simplify the connections with the goal that clients can without much of a stretch recall them.
  • Utilize a URL shortening website like As it is easier to use and share the link via receipts, emails, and social media.

Google reviews are amazingly significant; 88 percent of buyers trust online reviews the same way they trust personal recommendations.

Meanwhile, 90 percent of purchasers read online reviews before personally visiting a business.

Not only are reviews frequently the last factor that tips prospects to clients…

…yet they additionally hold a ton of weight in the Google’s search algorithm.

In simple words:

Increasingly, better reviews = Higher search rankings, more leads and sales, and increased income

Now that you have created your Google Review link, let’s show you how you can get more Google reviews.

  • Install Review Generation Tools: Review generation tools make the review process significantly more streamlined. Simply installing such tools can help a website get more reviews in a considerable amount of time. Some examples of popular review generation tools are as follows:
    • Nearby Now
    • Broadly
    • NiceJob
    • PulseM
    • BirdEye
    • Podium
    • ReviewBuzz
    • ReviewTrackers
    • Customer Lobby
    • TrustPilot
  • Follow-Up Your Review Requests Multiple Times: Because a client might leave a review when you ask the 2nd time. You might've run into them at an inopportune moment during your first Or possibly they wanted to leave you a review after the initial two, yet forgot to do so. solicitation. A solution to this problem would be to make two email follow-up templates apart from your first review request. And restricting your overall review requests to three. Have a go at sending another review request once per week or even every other week. That is until you've hit your maximum limit. Face it; a few people will never leave a review regardless of how frequently you request. Be that as it may, that doesn't mean you shouldn't attempt the request. Steady follow-up with your clients keep your brand’s image fresh in the clients' psyches. And includes more purposes of contact among you and your customers.
  • Add Popups & Calls-to-Action and on Your Website: People like to procrastinate. You realize that. I realize that. Everyone realizes that. Bump procrastinators by having a lot of calls-to-action on your site. And even by including a little pop-up urging the client to leave a solid review. This is a great example of a good SEO practise. This is also an idea to get more email subscribers. A great example would be our website. As soon as you open it, you see this:
    This is a great way of indulging potential customers initially and following them up with emails later. Even though having 5-star reviews on Google is an amazing advertising methodology it shouldn't be the ultimate objective. Rather, utilize the data contained inside each review to more readily get clients. And discover approaches to improve the brand, items, services, and most importantly client experience.