10 Best FREE Google Tools for Developers & Marketers

Do you want to know about the best free Google tools for marketers & developers?

If the answer’s yes, then you have arrived at the exact location.

Because these free tools can boost your overall digital marketing performance.

What are the best free Google tools?

There are many types of Google tools, some are paid, while most of them are free.

You can use them to write your blog post, develop your marketing strategy, and enhance your website's SEO.

In this post, I will show you a variety of best free Google Tools that are free to use.

  1. Google My Business
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Google AdSense
  6. Google Chrome Developer Tools
  7. Firebase
  8. Android Developers
  9. Google Page Speed Tools
  10. Structured Data Testing Tool

best free Google tools

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1. Google My Business

Google My Business gives a chance to display your local business in "Near Me" search items.

A similar format in comparison to Google Maps.

To get highlighted in search results enlist your business on Google My Business.

Some of its many features are as follows:

  • It helps people to get more acquainted about your business by providing them accurate information.
  • You can provide your working hours, business location, photos, contact information (phone number, emails, etc.) on Google Searches and Maps.
  • Moreover, you can draw in new clients with your free business profile on Google.

2. Google Search Console

The Google Search Console helps advertisers, website admins, SEO experts see how Google sees your website pages.

It can give you extremely detailed indexing information and crawl reports about your pages directly from the Google index.

Some of its features are as follows:

  • The Search Console allows you to make improvements as it provides you with a detailed website performance report.
  • It also gives you the option to associate it with your Google Analytics account. So that you can enhance content and search volume.
  • It can help you recognize any issues with your site and give references to improve your search rankings on Google.

3. Google AdWords

Perhaps the most prized asset among the best free Google tools, AdWords is a work of art.

For a digital marketer, it can be considered as a luxury.

Even if you are not an SEO expert, you can easily use this tool.

And get ahead in the race of search rankings.

The likelihood of investing your capital on Adwords may appear to be an overwhelming errand.

However, the outcomes that it produces are practically quick and straightforward.

This is what makes it worth every penny that is spent on it.

From the uncountable benefits that it offers here are some of them:

  • Benefit 1: Super-Fast than SEO Believe it or not, the loftiest advantage of Google AdWords is that it works quicker than SEO. This is a solid reason as to why it is considered as one of the best free Google SEO tools. To produce more traffic and leads, both SEO and Google AdWords are termed as SEO marketing procedures. However, to get the much desired first spot in the search rankings, a highly optimized AdWords campaign should be fused. To put it in simple terms, here are three reasons as to why Google Adwords has a significant edge over SEO.
    • The freedom of using, optimizing, and focusing on multiple keywords at a time.
    • Switching the ON and OFF button on the campaign whenever you desire.
    • Increased Visibility; Search ads appear on the top of the Google search listings.
    This does not imply that you ought to disregard organic & latest SEO practices. Why? Because they are more important in the long-haul. In any case, with AdWords, getting more leads and traffic is a superior possibility in comparison to SEO. SEO would give you long-term achievement, contingent upon the exertion an SEO expert puts on the nature of your content. On the other hand, advertisements will provide you instant results at an instant cost. Both are assets of a digital marketer and should be used, according to:
    • Needs
    • Budget
    • And other requirements of the client
  • Benefit 2: Measure your Performance Consistently Yet another reason, why Google Adwords is one of the best free Google tools for marketers. It is hard to gauge the result of customary advertisements like newspapers, radio, TV, etc. Likewise, they are much more costly than Google AdWords. You can't control your very own financial limit and budget. More importantly, you wouldn't know the exact outcome of the leads coming from these sources, except if your client reveals it. However, Google Adwords exactly tells you what is going on. Here are some of the many metrics it provides:
    • Number of clicks on your advertisement
    • Number of generated leads
    • Traffic generated from AdWords directly from your website
    • Performance of Keywords, i.e. which one generated the most traffic and leads?
    • The total cost per lead

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most dominant and best free Google tools for digital marketers.

It provides you with a boatload of options, such as:

  • Tracking people who visit your site
  • How much time they spend there?
  • What search inquiries they use?

And much more!

From all this data, you can improve your website and give an extraordinary client experience.

Which will inevitably increment your overall traffic.

Let me tell you some of the many benefits that it offers:

  • Benefit 1: Location of Potential Customers Geo location is extremely significant in a successful business and that is exactly the data Google Analytics furnishes you with. Knowing the location of your clients encourages you to design explicit marketing campaigns and set goals for that territory. You'll additionally have the option to decide whether there is space for development in specific regions.
  • Benefit 2: First Impression is the Last Impression! Google Analytics gives you a chance to perceive what number of individuals visited your site and their bounce rate. So for example, if users bounced immediately it implies that they couldn’t find what they were searching for. This allows you to see which pages are encountering a high bounce rate and which ones are surpassing your expectations. This allows you to see which pages are encountering a high bounce rate and which ones are surpassing your expectations. So it’s important to have a good bounce rate to improve your search rankings and overall SEO. All this data gives you a chance to change a couple of things, including:
    • Design
    • Content
    • Mobile Optimizations
    • User Experience Metrics
  • Changing and optimizing the aforementioned metrics will help you in earning more conversions and retaining customers.

5. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the ideal tool for marketers to generate revenue from ad promotions.

AdSense makes a connection between you and other promoters who need to host advertisements on a channel that interests their audience.

Here are some of the features that make it one of the best free Google tools for marketers:

  • AdSense gives you with premium quality advertisements which are important to your group of content or audience.
  • You can customize or even block the ads as per your requirements.
  • Target audience through social media and geographical locations.
  • The ads have a responsive design which gives a similar experience to your users. This stays relevant whether they are browsing through a computer or a smartphone.

6. Google Chrome Developer Tools

These tools offer huge benefits to web developers.

Regardless of whether you are attempting to:

  • Improve your website performance
  • Learn more about your clients and prospects
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Optimize user experience on mobile or desktop

These tools can help you achieve all of the aforementioned objectives and more!

Chrome developer tools look somewhat overwhelming from the outset, however, it merits becoming more acquainted with a couple of tricks.

As they will greatly improve your output, correspondence with designers, and your comprehension of coding issues or website content.

Here are some ways in which you can take advantage of one of the best free Google tools for developers:

  • Benefit 1: Page Speed Performance It’s an obvious fact that page speed impacts on UX and SEO. Chrome Developer Tools will give you a visual portrayal of how your page is stacking and where the "pain points" are. This will empower you to implement page speed upgrades with your designers and test the work once finished.
  • Benefit 2: Test Your Responsive Design With Google's versatile inviting update AKA Mobilegeddon still the zeitgeist, guaranteeing your site is responsive is overly significant. Chrome Developer Tools empower you to encounter a portable client venture on practically any cell phone. The emulator gives you a practical view of how your website will look on various devices user devices. This feature alone is enough for making this one of the best free Google tools for developers.
  • Benefit 3: Review Your SEO Tags & Markup When SEO marketing specialists run SEO campaigns they normally check their source code. Be that as it may, finding tags just by sifting through source code is quite difficult at times. An increasingly effective technique is to utilize Chrome's "inspect element" As, it enables you to rapidly recognize mark-up for a particular page component.

7. Firebase

Are you a web developer?

Looking for easier ways to do mobile development?

Firebase is one of the best free Google tools for developers.

As it provides a structured platform for mobile & web development.

It is a Backend-as-a-Service that offers a diverse range of services and tools.

Mainly for developing applications at a fast pace.

At first, James Tamplin and Andrew Lee had established the Company in 2011 as Envolve.

However, after Google procured it in 2014, Firebase had an explicit development to turn into a unified stage for developers.

The many features that one of the best free Google tools for developers offers are as follows:

  • Benefit 1: Fast and Secure Web Hosting The advantage of Firebase Hosting enables you to set-up:
    • A solitary page
    • A versatile presentation page
    • A site page
    • Or a dynamic page effortlessly.
    It likewise conveys the content quickly at any place which makes it one of the best free Google tools.
  • Benefit 2: Real-time Database The NoSQL database is offered by Firebase real-time database. That encourages you to store and synchronize information between the customers. This is done to make it simpler for the designers to get to the information. By utilizing any of the gadgets and help in creating a collaborative feature. Another edge that it offers is a real-time database for the developers. So that they do not need the support of backend to construct applications, as it accompanies SDKs for different stages. Moreover, it aids the execution of the backend code reacting to events enacted by databases. Which is a great quality which makes it one of the best free google tools.
  • Benefit 3: Ease of access of Machine Learning Another great benefit of Firebase is that it gives developers the facility of Machine Learning. This facility is accessible for both Android and iOS engineers just as experienced and newcomers. The ML pack has ready-to-use APIs for different portable functions. For example, distinguishing the face, recognizing the content, scanner tag examining and marking pictures and so forth.

8. Android Developers

Created by Google, Android is the world's most prominent mobile operating system.

Google's Android Developers is an invaluable resource to all developers.

Why you may ask? Here’s your answer.

  • It will enable you to figure out how to:
    • Assemble an application.
    • Construct designs that adjust to various screens.
    • And save information in local databases.
  • You can a use fundamental sample codes to kickstart your android application.
  • It likewise furnishes you with sample design and guidelines for creating a premium quality application.

9. Google Page Speed Tools

Google PageSpeed gives you a variety of tools and information that can enable you to enhance your website’s performance.

In short, it provides you with a platform to create highly efficient websites.

Here are some of the features it provides:

  • Provide you with your PageSpeed score and gives you the action plan to make your website faster.
  • You can use it to accelerate your site and improve security.
  • Equips you with the knowledge of best practices which helps you in optimizing your website for an improved user experience.

10. Structured Data Testing Tool

Google's Structured Data Testing Tool enables developers to create, test, and release their organized data.

With this Google tool, you can fix existing pages and also create new structured data pages.

Here are some of the features that it offers:

  • This device enables you to approve your code and view a sample query item if your code is valid.
  • This tools allows you to see whether all of your pages are accessed by Google or not.
  • Moreover, you can utilize this tool to list your site pages on Google and distinguish errors utilizing Rich result status reports.

Regardless of whether you are a business person, digital marketer or designer.

Some other free Google tools include:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Trends
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Webmaster Tools

& many more.

The best free Google tools can enable you to increase your search traffic and make your marketing efforts bore fruit.