How do I find a good SEO Expert?

Finding a good SEO consulting expert isn’t just a matter of simple Google search. 

If you want to know how to choose a good SEO expert, you would need to do a bit of research on working out how you can get best SEO services

When there are so many SEO consulting experts out there, you need to have some sort of yardstick to choose the best one. 

Before I help you define a yardstick for a good SEO expert, I would first like to tell you what are the best SEO services you should be looking for. 

This is how I would advise to filter and find a good seo consulting expert for my business. 


Find a good SEO Expert

If you want to know how to choose a good SEO expert,

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Step 1: Understand

Familiarize yourself with best SEO services.

There are many available SEO services online. You will come across good and bad ones. 

Do your research, and learn what offers are available before you find out which one works best for your website.

Step 2: Set Goals

Set your goals from SEO; there can’t be a person better than yourself to define your goals. 

Some people just say; they want to get their website ranked on first page. That should be your ultimate target but that isn’t the only target. Look at my best seo services 2020. 

You don’t need to be technical or SEO expert yourself but need to be specific about your goals.  

Your goals could be like: 

  • I need to get traffic from particular groups.

  • SEO services being the sales driving channel, I am trying to boost revenue.

  • When you Google a brand there are either good reviews or bad reviews, so I want to push the good reviews up and the bad reviews down. I am trying to boost sentiment for my brand.

  • I want my current rankings to be improved.

But don’t forget you will need to keep in mind the time and the budget too. 

Good SEO services can drive your business up but with everyone racing to achieve the top spot on first page, you really need to find the SEO consulting expert who has the skills, experience and proven success stories. 

If an SEO expert is AI lover too, he would easily out-compete and deliver the results for you.

Step 3: Run a Search and Evaluate

When you are done with goals and outputs you want, look for the seo expert. Whether you ask your contacts for references or do a Google search, you must assess and evaluate. 

Let us say you search ‘SEO services Los Angeles’, you will have loads of results. Here is the fix, you have to choose one amongst so many claiming the same or similar. 

But they all aren’t the same. Here I tell you simple evaluation criteria to find the SEO consulting expert: 

  • Check references and past work

  • Check his own website’s ranking on Google

  • Compare what spot his own website ranks on for different SEO keywords  

  • Check if he is an AI lover for his SEO work or not

  • Read reviews about his work, if there are any

Shortlist and engage a few; let’s say 2-3 of them. Share your goals and be ready to answer their questions about your business strategy, goals and budget. 

And ask as many smart questions as you can to understand their SEO strategy, timeframe and commitment. But it is an ongoing process, as the business goes on and so does the competition. 

And don’t forget to ask about the reporting process. It’s a very important benchmark too! 

I don’t want to scare you off – after all it is going to be your marketing partner and it’s worth spending time to find the best one. 

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