SEO Consulting Expert

Your customers can’t USE your product or service if they can’t FIND it. 

And they can’t find it until they find you. 

But how can you make yourself findable when there are hundreds of competitors, countless marketing tactics and SEO changes daily.

Well, that’s where an SEO consulting expert comes in.

Your customers are searching for your business.

And an SEO’s job is to make sure they find you.

In other words, SEOs are to maximize your findability.

But not every SEO expert is an expert.

If you are the one: Never promise overnight success.

And if you are looking for the one, you need to look for fundamental traits and outcomes.

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Fundamental traits of SEO Consulting Expert

1. Experience 

Every website needs a unique strategy to rank better. 

Each one is different and only an experienced SEO can know what will work for you. 

So when hiring, hire one who knows multiple strategies, leaned over the years. 

2. Success rate 

Experience alone can’t do the job. 

20 years’ experience with no success is a shame. 

Therefore, don’t just look for an experienced one but one who has a success record. 

 And knowing how successful an SEO expert is, is just a click away. 

 Ask him about a website he did SEO for or check his personal website. 

You’ll know how successful he is.

3. AI lover 

Search engine optimization is nothing but making machines rank you higher. 

SEO is changing because the way Artificial Intelligence, aka AI, works is changing. 

With the evolution in AI, techniques that worked a couple of years ago are now obsolete. 

For instance, quality content has taken over the quantity content. 

So if an SEO expert is good at AI, he is at the top of his game. 

4. Skills 

In addition, make sure the expert is also a webmaster.  

The one who knows coding, web marketing, and web editing. 

Tough SEO is a time taking process, make sure your expert can create, install and optimize a site in a very short time. 

What does SEO Consulting Expert do?

Since every professional has his way of providing services, I’ll make you go through mine. 

The Knowing Phase 

You make me understand your business. 

Tell how it works and how it is doing at the moment. 

Talk about your current internet presence and future goals. 

The Research Phase 

I do the research. I understand you and your competitors. 

Then I work on SEO strategy to grow your Google ranking and revenue. 

Once agreed, I define a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your business. 

This involves content analysis of your competitors and content auditing of your website. 

The Launch Phase

Once done with the planning, I take action. 

My moves involve everything from putting your strategy into work, monitoring the progress and constantly adjusting the marketing plan. 

My strategy works on two levels:

First, focusing on your short-term goals. 

Second, focusing on your long-term success. 

The Findability Phase

Following a successful launch, I work on improving your traffic and search engine position. 

I keep pushing your business until it becomes findable across all your online channels. 

This is the phase where your business starts outperforming your competitors. 

But you are not at the top. Not yet. 

The Domination Phase

This is the phase where I ensure your business dominates the search. 

I ensure that as long as I take care of your online presence it maintains its top spot. 

And enjoys maximum findability. 

Because as I said in the beginning: your customers can use your product or service only if they can find it. 

But just making a potential customer go through the process isn’t enough. 

An SEO consulting expert, the one who believes in his craft, doesn’t just speak but guarantees success. 

This is what I am known for.  

1. Increase Business Revenue

I move your business to the first page where it dominates its competition. 

With my search-engine strategies, I make sure your returning visitors sustain... 

And you grow with new streams of online traffic resulting in a guaranteed increase in business revenue.

2. Generate Business Leads

There’s no use of Ranking # 1 if your strategy fails in generating leads and growing your revenue. 

That’s what I make sure never happen to you. 

My digital marketing strategy for your business will improve your unique position and convert your visitors into paying customers.

3. Increase Digital Exposure

My strategy increases your digital exposure. 

It improves your website position and position of all your associated channels. 

It increases your market penetration and grows as a trustworthy brand.

4. Regular Summary Reports

Brand-building isn’t a smooth journey. 

There are many ups and downs. 

And good SEO experts let you see these ups and downs. 

I do that too. 

While I build your brand my team will summarize monthly progress and highlight goals for the next month.

5. Google Domination

Not only I maximize your findability, but I also maintain it. 

In other words, I ensure your business achieves Google domination: ranking on the first page. 

By the way, it's not just your website that I help rank better… I take your entire brand to its next level.

What else can you expect from an SEO Consulting Expert?

1. Web design 

Every website is unique and deserves a unique design! 

A design that hocks your customers in the first 5 seconds. 

And helps them answer two questions: 

 Is it for me? 
 Can I trust this business? 

To design a fully optimized website for your company, I follow this 5 Second Rule. 

I examine your brand positioning, target market, and buyers' persona to create your unique website. 

I use Google Webmaster Guidelines to optimize it for search. 

And a clean and simple design to optimize it for conversation. 

I optimize your brand creating an experience that complements your digital exposure across all channels. 

I follow this process for all my website designs because it works. 

This is a proven formula to create your perfect online presence, generate more leads, and increase your revenue.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

But having a beautiful website with perfect user experience is not enough. 

SEO is a time-taking game. 

What makes sense with a long-term strategy is getting instant traffic through SEM. 

In fact, SEO and SEM are two fundamental components of your search marketing. 

One alone can’t do. 

SEM is conversion focused. According to Google, search ads can increase brand awareness by up to 80%. 

SEM is great for local marketing because Google, after the launch of its Local 3 Pack in 2016, gives local ads the top three spots. 

Also, SEM generates immediate results and brings more qualified leads. 

Not only it’s the quickest way to be the first but also it’s a great source of consistent traffic. 

In addition, it gives you more data and helps you understand search intent. 

SEM also allows you to create filtered ads targeting a specific audience. Plus it is perfect for mobile marketing. 

This is why I encourage you to invest in SEM. 

3. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Some call it the new SEO. 

SMO is using social media to drive traffic to your website. 

It helps you ensure a strong presence on the web and increase your reach. 

SMO provides your customers with a chance to reach out to you from all non-traditional ways. 

In sum, it helps you increase your brand awareness, generate leads as well as improve your search engine ranking. 

But should you use all social media sites? 

Or only the most relevant? 

And how you’d find which one is best for your business? 

Well, that depends on what you sell and where your potential customers live? 

If you run a B2B business you need to be where businesses are.

And if you run a B2C business you need to be where the end user of a product or service is. 

I discover this at The Knowing Phase and start with the most relevant social media platforms. 

I know through such platforms are growing exponentially many brands can’t keep up with every platform. 

That’ why you need to be really good at one two or three platforms where you are. 

Once identified the most relevant media channels for you, I optimize them to build your brand community. 

I then leverage smart content marketing and retargeting to promote your brand image and benefits. 

I know it’s humanly impossible to be good at everything. 

That’s why I only focus on what I am good at and only that, which is: making sure your customers find you on the first page.  

4. Content Creation (Additional) 

Writing high-quality, engaging and scalable content is essential for every online business. 

But creating authority content that builds a loyal community around your brand is a time-and-resource taking job. 

In fact, brands fail in achieving desired SEO results from their content even after investing tons of resources and plenty of time. 

Though there are other reasons too, the most common one, however, is a lack of sync between their content and SEO strategies and teams. 

In other words, if your content strategy is not aligned with your SEO strategy you are in an ugly situation. 

This is why I have an in-house content team to offer a perfect blend of SEO and CONTENT services. 

My team of mentored writers is expert in creating web pages, mission and vision statements, blogs, email copies, landing pages and more. 

Since my content writing service is offered for my SEO clients, I always make sure your content gets published/delivered on time. 

Also, since this service is a part of my SEO packages, there are no hidden charges. 

This means I will take care of your daily, weekly, and monthly content requirements, according to your package, as long as I am taking care of your SEO. 

Remember, with your content services as a part of your SEO package, you get the research, planning, and implementation for SEO and CONTENT simultaneously. 

Click on the link to read about my SEO packages with content included or contact me if you are interested in a customized SEO package.