What are Affordable SEO Expert Services?

If you’re a business owner looking for affordable SEO services in 2020 chances are you have already been given reasons not to do so...

… that you have already seen a dozen blog posts and half a dozen guides explaining why you need to avoid affordable SEO.

But if you dig deeper you’ll find out, who is “ WARNING ” you?

Yes, you guessed it right. People selling expensive SEO services.

Let me tell you: ‘Affordable’ isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t affordable. I offer affordable SEO packages for small businesses, that give results.

But before I explain how I do it, let me tell you a bit more about affordable SEO and why it is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy:

  1. What is Affordable SEO?
  2. Science Behind Affordable SEO
  3. What Does an Affordable SEO Package Include?
  4. Cheap or Affordable SEO?
  5. Cheap SEO Services
  6. How to Spot a Cheap SEO Package
  7. My Affordable SEO Packages

Affordable SEO services

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1. What is affordable SEO?

According to Vacabularly.com, If something is affordable, it's priced reasonably, and you have enough money to buy it.

It also means that the benefits you get for a certain amount outweigh the value of money.

For instance, a $10K SEO package that improves your organic search rankings, build your traffic streams and add to your revenue is more valuable than $10K in your bank. Therefore it is affordable.

However, a $1K SEO service that doesn’t improve your rankings, doesn’t build your traffic streams and doesn’t add to your revenue is less valuable than $1K in your pocket. Therefore it is not affordable.

2. Science behind affordable SEO

The science behind affordable SEO is focusing on the most essential areas to display your website higher on the search engine.

It is about optimization against most important SEO ranking factors in 2020 and putting everything aside just to deal with that later when you have more to invest.

In other words, doing what is most crucial for your search rankings on a limited budget.

3. What does an affordable SEO package include?

Since my affordable SEO packages include all of these, I believe everyone else' must also:

1. Security Optimization

Making your website secure should be your top priority. Not because having the right URL helps you get more traffic but it is crucial for Google's crawlers to find you in the ocean of websites.

Therefore, an affordable SEO package must cover you for security optimization including optimization of website coding, robots.txt file, and sitemap.

If you have recently enabled SSL security and updated from HTTP to HTTPS your site might be seeing some traffic loss.

Because even though it is not a ranking factor, Google’s own John Mueller says it is a “light-weight ranking factor” and that “having HTTPS is great for users.”

2. Accessibility Optimization

Having a great domain name and a pretty design isn’t enough. Your website won’t rank higher if it is not accessible to both humans and bots.

Hence it is critical that you optimize your site's accessibility. This requires a lot of things from having a tight code to a content management system and to optimizing alt texts and descriptions.

Your website's structure, design, colors, and content presentation everything affects its accessibility.

An affordable package must cover you for this.

3. Speed Optimization

Since 2010, when Google first made website speed an official ranking factor, the domination of mobile search has increased its importance.

Your website's speed has the potential to influence your SEO and search ranking positively or negatively.

So far so constantly updating Google algorithm can penalize your site if it loads slowly on mobile devices.

Therefore, even if you are going for a basic SEO package go for the one that covers you for speed optimization.

4. Mobile Friendliness

According to Google Search Console, “The web is being accessed more and more on mobile devices. Designing your websites to be mobile friendly ensures that your pages perform well on all devices.”

Run Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to check whether you website is mobile friendly or not.

And if it isn’t. Make sure your SEO consulting expert take care of it.

This involves optimizing the structure, code, speed, colors, fonts, photos and almost everything.

5. Structure Optimization

Though your web page’s structure is often overlooked, web design is the most crucial element for SEO.

A good structure enhances your user experience and improves your website rankings and a bad structure makes your site difficult to visit for humans as well as Google bots.

A good structure is one that has everything where it needs to be. Where the user expects it to be and where the bots could find it.

Strong site structure provides your website with a solid SEO foundation to get a huge amount of organic traffic.

If an affordable SEO proposal doesn't mention 'structure optimization' that's not going to help.

6. Content Optimization

Content is the most important search ranking factor right up with user experience.

That’s why optimizing your content alone can improve your ranking more than mastering many other factors together.

However, it's a double-edged sword.

If good content can bring you up on search ladder duplicate content filled with keywords can sink your SEO campaign.

Optimizing content requires a content audit.

If your SEO package cover content audit that means your expert will evaluate your content and device a strategy to improve your content (freshness) score.

7. Backlinks Optimization

After content, high quality backlinks are one of the most important Google’s ranking factors.

Though backlinks have always been one of the most important factors but in recent years Google algorithm has learned to rank only for good links.

This means if your website is mentioned on an unauthentic site that's no good, rather it might be affecting your ranking negatively.

Diversity also matters a lot.

If your site has links only on a couple of sites, this can affect your link score negatively.

Good SEO not only audit your links but also help you diversify your backlinks.

8. Social Signals

Although Google itself does not find the social shares a vital factor, but it is useful.

The highly shared pages and posts by the social media users is likely to be seen on the search engine.

Maintaining an active presence on the popular forum works.

Not only to provide you more traffic, but also to improve your ranking.

Users share what they find relatable, readable and understandable by the community.

An affordable package also covers you for social signals.

9. Business Profiling

Adding necessary information name, address, contact etc. to your website and Google My Business helps users and machines know more about you.

Google's Local 3-Pack refers to the search engine results pages or SERP feature that displays a 3-point list of businesses with their name, address, phone, etc. called NAP data.

If provided, this data improve rankings and help searchers find you.

Therefore, it is critical that you should optimize this basic information.

4. Cheap or affordable SEO?

Before asking an agency or an expert for the SEO service, look for the best and search out their packages.

Evaluate the services they offer.

Do not forget to compare prices and services.

If you find the above-mentioned services for reasonable price that’s an affordable SEO that your business needs.

However, as I said in the beginning, affordable isn’t cheap and cheap is affordable.

5. Cheap SEO Services

By cheap, I mean poor quality.

The one-size-fits-all kind of services.

Services that aren’t tailored for your business.

Services that are bundled for the convenience of the provider and not to meet your needs.

Services that attract because of their cheap rates but often fail to deliver the results.

But before you finalize, check the details of the package. The too low prices mostly are a trap.

Most of the time, you cannot have the best of the services at such low rates.

Normally, experts charge more. More because they provide you with best.

You should take it with a business mindset. High returns do not come with low investment.

6. How to spot a cheap SEO package?

If you are familiar with the basics, you will get to spot the poor quality optimizing services.

Analyze through the factors discussed here and play safe!

Sophisticated Proposals

From the on side, the technical things mentioned in the proposal look appealing.

Poor ‘experts and agencies’ use the plot to get the business.

Convolutions and technical jargons let them win. You may think of them doing some great and technical work.

But they are not.

Majority of them do not produce favorable results and do not require much time.

Look for Content and Link Acquisition

Experts and agencies with low standard don’t do content optimization or link acquisition.

They even don’t mention it in their SEO proposals.

At first, see if details of content and link acquisition are mentioned or not.

In case of them missing, do not go further, close the deal.

Move forward and look for a better affordable SEO agency.

7. My affordable SEO packages

As part of my affordable SEO services I cover the most essential of three SEO types in my affordable SEO packages.

I do On-page SEO, which is keyword research and keyword optimization.

I also do the technical SEO, which is optimizing your site data structure, making it mobile friendly, improve its speed and crawlability, and indexing.

Further, I do Off-page SEO that is building and diversifying your backlinks, improving your site’s authority and reputation.

The affordable SEO packages I offer are: Basic SEO, Local SEO and National SEO.

Basic SEO

My Basic SEO package includes services: keyword research, keyword optimization, mobile friendliness, accessibility optimization, backlinking and reporting.

This is suitable for you if you want to increase your site’s visibility with a limited SEO budget.

Learn more about my Basic SEO package HERE.

Local SEO

My Local SEO Package is for you if you run a business for people within a certain geographic area.

As part of my Local SEO package, I list and optimize your Google My Business, create your NAP data, provide a rating and review management, build links from other reputable but local businesses, perform user experience analysis and create/optimize your mobile responsive site.

My Local SEO package is just for you if you provide services within a certain geography and want to rank at the top of search results on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Learn more about my Local SEO package HERE.

National SEO

My National SEO package is for businesses that serve on a national or international level.

If you are struggling to be more visible in a competitive market environment, this package is for.

As part of this package, I do advanced keyword research and mapping, offering a focused SEO strategy. This package also includes On-site content and SEO optimization, On-page SEO with authority content, and Off-page SEO with quality backlinks.

I also optimize your brand on Google Maps and keep adjusting your SEO strategy to help you rank better.

Learn more about my National SEO package HERE.

Final Words

People selling expensive SEO services don’t want you go for affordable SEO package.

Not only affordable SEO exists but it can also provide you with desired results if done properly.

My SEO services improve your rankings, build your traffic streams and add to your revenue. Guaranteed.

Want to save your time and money?

Schedule a call/meeting and get your customized but affordable SEO package today for long term results.