Full Guide To Using Google Search Console (2020 Edition)

Want to learn about the incredible tool known as Google Search Console (GSC)?

Then welcome to this comprehensive guide.

It is a tool which can effortlessly help a digital marketer boost the SEO of a website.

Guide to using Google Search Console

Google Search Console helps in measuring your website's overall search traffic performance, fix any problematic issues and boost your website’s SEO.

This is a fundamental guide on the most proficient method to utilize Google Search Console.

Here are the things you will learn after reading this article

  1. Getting Started with Google Search Console
  2. How to Add your Site to Google Search Console?
  3. Benefits of Google Search Console
  4. How to Share Search console Access with others?
  5. New GSC Features in 2020

Google Search Console (GSC)

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1. Getting Started with Google Search Console

Need a one-stop solution to monitor & troubleshoot your website's presence on Google Search results?

Google Search Console (GSC) has transformed the way in which you track how your webpage appears in Google Search results.

This makes it a special tool for SEO specialists.

And it’s a free service for all, which is icing on the cake.

This tool additionally gives you access to significant information, and lets you do the following things:

  • Connect your website to Google search
  • Perceive how indexing is done
  • Control indexing & crawling of the site
  • Discover broken internal links to the site
  • A ton of alternatives for Technical SEO
  • Recognize/Fix any errors about your site’s appearance
  • Improve your website’s rankings

The data given by GSC can be utilized to impact any technical choices for your site.

A great marketing feature is offered by Google Search Console.

What is it?

It’s the feature of marketing analysis which can be done in conjunction with other tools like, Google Ads, Google Trends, and Google Analytics.

2. How to Add your Site to Google Search Console?

Knowing about Google Search Console is not sufficient enough.

Learning how it operates is the real challenge!

By following these steps, you’ll add your site to the Google Search Console in no time.

Step - 0: Requirements

First things first, you have to access Google Search Console.

Now what things do you require to verify your site with Google?

The answer is one of these three.

  • Administrator’s access to your website's Google Analytics account (must be set up for this technique to work)
  • Editing access to your website’s header
  • WordPress websites - Found in Appearance > Editor > Theme Header OR header.php Note: In some cases, a theme change might be required to see the header option.
  • HubSpot websites - Found in Settings > Marketing > Web pages > Templates > Site header HTML
  • Squarespace websites - Found in Settings > Website > Advanced > Code Injection > Header

Unsure on how to perform these steps to add your site to Google Search Console?

Not to worry!

Contact an accomplished SEO marketing specialist and we’ll set it up for you.

Step – 1: Access Google Search Console

This step is quite straightforward.

On the off chance that you own a Google account, all you have to do is login into it.

If not, then create an account and login.

Now go to Google Search Console, and click on “Start Now”

Bonus Point: If you as of now have a Google analytics account, you can utilize that to login.

Why is that?

It's a decent practice to have analytics and Google search console on the same Google account.

Step – 2: Select a Property Type

Wondering the purpose of this step?

This is where you add your property or website.

Depending upon the URL structure of your website, choose either Domain or URL prefix option, and click “CONTINUE”


Domain (format): seoexpertpatrick.com

URL prefix (format): https://seoexpertpatrick.com

Step – 3: Verification

This is the most important step in this whole process.

Because verifying that you own your website is mandatory for accessing Google Search Console.

One of the verification methods is associating a DNS record with Google.

This is how it’s done.

Follow the instructions listed in front of you, which are as follows:

  • Sign in to your domain provider
  • Copy the code from the body and paste it into the DNS configuration of your website
  • Then click "VERIFY"
  • (Optional) Step – 4: Other Verification Methods

    Yes, Google does provide more than one option to verify your website’s ownership.

    How many to be exact

    The answer is five. (One method already covered above)

    HTML File: All you have to do is download the given file and upload it to your website.

    Then click on "VERIFY"

    HTML Tag: Pretty easy method.

    Copy the meta tag (shown below) and paste it in the < head > section of your website’s home page.

    Google Analytics: Stress-free method, but lengthy in comparison to the previous two.

    • You need to sign in to your Google Analytics Account
    • From there navigate to the “Admin” page
    • Now, select an account from the “ACCOUNT” column
    • Then select a property from the menu in the “PROPERTY” menu
    • Then under the “PROPERTY” section, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code.
    • Your Google Analytics ID will be displayed before you.
    • Copy the “gtag.js tracking code” and paste it in the “head” section of your home page.

    Now return to Google Search Console “verify ownership” page and click “VERIFY”.

    Google Tag Manager

    A comparable method to the previous one.

    • Login into your Google Tag Manager Account.
    • Create an account
    • Make sure that you have View, Edit & Manage container-level permissions. Check this Google Support manual and follow the entire process.
    • Now, copy the < noscript > portion of the Tag Manager code, after the < body > tag of your page.

    Now hop back to Google Search Console “verify ownership” page and click “VERIFY”.

    Tip: Google almost always recommends the best method for the verification of your website.

    So, it is a recommended practise to follow that method.

    In case the Verification fails and you see an “Ownership verification failed” message, don’t worry!

    Simply read the error message and the reason as to why the verification process didn’t work.

    Like in this example, I didn’t provide the right domain.

    Instead of providing, https://seopatrick.com, I entered seopatrick.com, thus this error appeared.

    3. Benefits of Google Search Console

    Attaining higher search results in Google is a dream of every business.

    Similarly, monitoring essential functions of your website is an equally joyous idea.

    GSC unlocks a whole new world of exciting things for business owners.

    Here is a list of some of the benefits that this free tool provides.

    Google Search Rankings: Ranking your website on the top of Google’s search rankings is the number one concern of many businesses.

    And, subsequently SEO marketing specialists.

    This is also what the Google Search Console is primarily used for.

    Here is a brief set of things it provides which helps SEO experts in improving the website’s search ranking.

    Search Performance Report: What is the most crucial step to perform better in search engines rankings?

    Or to get organic traffic?

    The answer is delivering relevant insights about the website.

    This is exactly what this tool provides with its anchor texts, enhanced CTR's and most linked domains.

    All in all, this console gives you an all-round performance in Google report from a single platform.

    Extremely Relevant Data Collection: Get relevant data about your website by using this tool.

    It provides detailed graphs about the structured data elements present on the website.

    Error reports are also generated by this tool.

    HTML Improvisations: Are you aware how many landing pages on your website are showing 404 error message?

    Don’t know?

    No need to worry.

    As this this tool regularly crawls your website.

    And, you can access the error reports in no time and fix them accordingly.

    Mobile Usability: The fact is that Google prefers mobile-friendly websites over those that are not.

    Through Google Search Console you can check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.


    By identifying various issues on mobile devices such as:

    1. Fixed-Width Viewport
    2. Small Font
    3. Viewport Not Configured
    4. Content not Sized to Viewport
    5. Flash content
    6. Tap Targets too Close

    Google Indexing: How many pages are included in the Google indexing results?

    How to remove unwanted URLs from your website?

    Google Search Console has all the answers and the solutions.

    Sitemaps and Site Messages: As the name suggests, Sitemaps are actually maps to your site.

    What is their purpose?

    It is to help navigate the Googlebots know the exact location of your website pages which also helps in index coverage.

    Google Search Console allows you to see what number of pages have been submitted and what number of pages are really indexed by Googlebots.

    This is possible only if your website has submitted a sitemap for the bots to crawl and do a site search.

    GSC additionally cautions you of numerous significant messages like:

    • Google Crawling Errors
    • Security Issues

    many more!

    Generally speaking, the Google Search Console helps in tracking each and every detail of your site.

    That can demonstrate to be tremendously significant for accomplishing better search rankings.

    4. How to Share Google Search Console Access with others?

    This is good news.

    For whom?

    For website owners, who need to login into their website webmaster with different users.

    Remember, Google search console is a free service for everyone including web developers and business owners.

    Google Search Console has a relatively new feature where you can send invites to users.

    And, they can access your Google Search Console as a user.

    Here is a step-by-step process on how to add another user to your Google Search Console:

    • Login into your Google Search Console account
    • Navigate to the verification page
    • Click on the details (verification) of the domain that you intend to give access to a user.
    • Now, you can add a new user, by simply adding his/her Gmail account.

    After providing access, the user can login to your Google Search Console as a user.

    5. New GSC Features in 2020

    Constant change is necessary for linear growth!

    In 2020, the New Google Search Console has released many innovative features.

    For example, the Domain Properties & the URL Inspection Tool.

    It has a large group of additional features with a refined interface.

    Here is a look at two of the latest features in the “new” Google Search Console.

    URL Inspection Tool: URL Inspection just got cooler!

    The new tool allows you to do a ton of functions, including viewing your website’s…

    • HTML
    • screenshot
    • HTTP response
    • Javascript console messages
    • Page Resources

    You can assess any URL inside the site, enabling you to see individual pages with detail.

    This new feature additionally implies that Fetch as Google is now completely replaced.

    Live URL Testing is another awesome feature included in this tool.

    It enables you to have the option to access and monitor webpages in real-time.

    Domain Properties: Being Organized Is Being In Control!

    This new feature lives by this motto.

    It categorises your website’s domain listings in a proper fashion.

    This makes it easier to access non-HTTPs and subdomains.

    Furthermore, retrieving data becomes much more efficient and less time-consuming.

    That’s it, now you know the importance, benefits, and immense use of Google search console tools.

    Feel free to experiment and learn new things!

    In case you face any difficulty in setting up your Google Search Console account, don’t worry!

    Contact our highly skills SEO expert team and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.