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10 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Optimization by an Expert

Have you considered going for mobile optimization by an expert?

If not, then maybe you should!

Because mobile optimization by an expert is the easiest way of becoming mobile-friendly.

Why is Mobile Optimization Important?

Since mobile searches have become quite common among online customers, a mobile-friendly site allows you to reach more clients at a quicker rate.

Still indecisive about getting mobile optimization by an expert? Then you must read the following 10 reasons why you need mobile optimization by an expert:

  1. Everyone Owns a Mobile
  2. Mobile-Friendly Sites Get More Traffic
  3. Mobile Users are Different
  4. Better Customer Engagement
  5. Increased Conversions
  6. Reduced Bounce Rate
  7. No More Compromises on Speed and Functionality
  8. Maximized User Experience
  9. Google Favors Mobile-Friendly Sites
  10. Great Way of Integrating with Offline Media

mobile optimization by an expert

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1. Everyone Owns a Mobile

Smartphone users are no exception in today’s technology-infested world.

Technological devices dominate our daily lives, and it’s ridiculous how much time humans spend on mobile phones every day.

This explains why 52% of global internet traffic comes from mobile phones. Hence, if you want to stay in competition, do not ignore the importance of a mobile optimized site.

Still indecisive about making your website mobile-friendly? Here are some more statistics that’ll surely change your mind.

And we all know that these numbers are only likely to increase in the coming future!

Which is why, I recommend you to go for mobile optimization by an expert for skyrocketing sales and maximum search traffic.

2. Mobile-Friendly Sites Get More Traffic

Since it’s traffic that we’re talking about, you might be interested in knowing that mobile optimized sites generate considerably higher traffic.

And being a website owner, how can you not be interested in increasing traffic?

Considering the fact that mobile media consumption is generally higher than that of desktop, mobile devices account for as much as half of all web traffic.

Thus, mobile optimization by an expert is an optimal way of increasing the traffic to your website.

However, you must be wondering why don’t mobile visitors engage with the desktop version of your site via their devices?

Majorly, because they’re looking for fast solutions to their problems and don’t have enough patience for a desktop site to load.

Want to know more about how mobile users behave?

Read below!

3. Mobile Users are Different

Did you know that user behavior varies from desktop to mobile devices?

If not, then you do now!

Mobile SEO experts are of the view that searchers behave differently, not only on the basis of their search goal, but also across different devices.


Mainly because they want quick answers in form of visual content, because no one wants to g through the trouble of reading long passages on their cell phones.

Other than that, mobile searchers tend to have a lower patience level than their desktop counterparts.

So, if a site is taking time in loading or has slow speed, a mobile searcher is likely to abandon it and never come back.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

Apart from favoring search results that are in form of pictures or videos, mobile users also search differently.

Which means, instead of typing long search queries on Google, a mobile user would most probably go for voice searches.

So, while you’re considering mobile optimization by an expert, why don’t you optimize for voice searches as well?

4. Better Customer Engagement

We all know why website owners opt for mobile optimization by an expert.

Simply because they want to increase their sales by making it easier for the customers to engage with their brand.

And there can’t be a better way to do it than having a mobile-friendly site. Which enables your consumers to get in touch with you regardless of the time and place, owing to the increased ease of portability and connectivity.

Not only this, but a mobile optimized site would also allow you to stand out among your competitors.

Plus, once you manage to satisfy your customers with the performance of your site, they are definite to return on desktop as well.

On the other hand, if the users find it difficult to navigate through the mobile version of your site, there’re nearly no chances of them coming back to your website on desktop.

And no one wants to risk losing a customer to their competitor, right?

Plus, you know what? Mobile users often buy more through their small but frequent purchases.

So, if you’re selling products that retail for less than $10, mobile users are the perfect audience.

Hence, your chances of converting a visitor into a buyer dramatically increase just with a quick mobile optimization by an expert.

5. Increased Conversions

Not sure how a mobile optimized site can increase your conversion rate?

Simply with a clear, easy-to-follow call to action!

On the other hand, sites that haven’t undergone mobile optimization by experts tend to obscure call to actions.

In such cases, the links are often too hard to click and contact pages are buried under odd menus. Thus, making the visitor go back without carrying out the desired task.

And, you might think of this as weird, but mobile users would probably refrain from buying your products if your site isn’t mobile-friendly.


Well, because a site that hasn’t gone through mobile optimization by an expert isn’t easy to navigate through and doesn’t provide a good user experience.

And since the purchases made by mobile shoppers are usually impulse driven, they’re most likely to buy from brands that have engaging mobile optimized sites.

So, contact the best SEO expert today and become mobile-friendly to provide your users with a seamless experience.

6. Reduced Bounce Rate

You might not know it, but if you don’t have mobile optimization by an expert, your site’s bounce rate is likely to increase.

Because users might leave your site due to bad user experience which has a bad effect on your bounce rate.

Plus, according to Mobile Marketing Watch, bounce rates are higher on mobile devices (61%) as compared to desktops (53%).

Wondering why?

To answer that, it could be because desktop versions of sites, when viewed on mobiles, are considerably difficult to navigate through.

Also, a slow site speed often makes users to run away.

In other words, if your site takes too long to load on mobile devices, users would probably abandon your page and never come back. Because mobile users are always in search of a quick response and immediate answers.

How bad would that be for your bounce rate?

Bad enough for you to start worrying and considering going for mobile optimization by an expert.

7. No More Compromises on Speed and Functionality

Weren’t we just talking about speed?

Well, here we are again to emphasize more upon the undeniable importance of a website’s page speed, which is also one of Google’s 200 ranking factors.

So, if you think that having a responsive site is enough and you don’t need to think about mobile optimization by an expert, you’re wrong.

For one thing, a responsive web design tends to make your site slower.

Because, in this case, mobile devices are required to download data and images that is optimized for a desktop website. Then these files are compressed in phone’s memory and resized in accordance with the screen size.

This process takes up a lot of memory. The result is, slower page loading speed, incomplete loading, and a variety of other technical issues.

Now, you might think that a slower loading time is a small issue, and you could avoid going through the hassle of creating a mobile site.

But, believe me, that would be a big mistake!

Firstly, because page speed is an important SEO factor. And secondly, because a slow loading speed can badly affect your overall bounce rate, as well as your sales.

8. Maximized User Experience

You must’ve got it all by now, but in case you haven’t, let me tell you how mobile optimization by an expert can enhance your site’s user experience.

To state it concisely, mobile-friendly sites are:

  • Incredibly easy to navigate through.
  • Have a faster page loading speed.
  • Provide a friction-less mobile experience.

Which is why, they have higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

All in all, if your site is perfectly optimized for mobile devices, you’d be providing your users with a seamless experience. Which would automatically convince him to buy from you.

Still need more reasons why you should go for mobile optimization by an expert?

Keep reading!

9. Google Favors Mobile-Friendly Sites

We all know that optimization is all about improved search engine rankings, right?

So, if you’re a website owner, you’d know how important it is to rank higher on Google.

Because, honestly, it’s the only best way of ensuring that your target audience sees you online.

And as you might already know, mobile-friendless is now one of the most important Google ranking factors in Google’s algorithm.

Also, mobile-first indexing has only further increased the importance of mobile optimization.

Which is why, it can’t be ignored at all!

Since Google’s major focus is to provide a good user experience, it considers a list of elements to decide how mobile-friendly a site is, such as:

  • The font size and readability of content on a small screen.
  • Usability of touch elements and spacing.
  • If a website uses Flash or not.
  • The page loading speed of a website.

Want to know another secret?

Mobile optimized sites get a boost in local search results as well!

10. Great Way of Integrating with Offline Media

Ever heard of QR codes?

Of course, you have!

These codes have dramatically increased smartphone usage in-stores, and provide a link between offline and online media.

So, if you own a mobile optimized site, you can easily benefit from QR codes by including them in your offline advertisements. Such as, posters, billboards, brochures, or any of your giveaway items.

The Quick Response codes are great for offline marketing since they direct your consumers to a customized landing page on mobile devices.

But, in order to be able to take advantage of these amazing codes, you’d first have to make your site mobile-friendly.

So, think no more, and get mobile optimization by an expert if you want to increase your sales through affordable and effortless digital marketing!