8 Tips to get More Google Reviews

Want to get more Google reviews for your business?

Well, of course you do.

Because, internet has become the primary point of contact between companies & consumers.

How to get more Google Reviews?

Google is the undeniable KING of search engines.

At present, Google has taken over 92.21% of the search engine market.

This is why it is important to urge your clients to post a Google review of business.

In this article, we will walk you through the various steps that will help you to get more Google reviews.

  1. Use #SmallThanks with Google
  2. Design a Landing Page
  3. Harness the power of Emails
  4. Create a direct link for Google reviews
  5. Engage your employees
  6. Stay Responsive
  7. Satisfy your clients
  8. Make Google Business Reviews a Habit

Get more Google reviews

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1. Use #SmallThanks with Google

According to many SEO experts, online reviews represent the face of your business!

Such is the power and importance that they hold.

The Small Thanks with Google site< allows you to make, download, and print customized advertising materials.

And transform your reviews and business data into social posts, stickers, notices, and more!

2. Design a Landing Page

A great way to urge clients to be more vocal about their experiences is to create a landing page(s) for your business.

These landing pages can be induced with survey forms, review generation software & an embedded reviews budget on your official business site.

When you have set it up, recognize the key areas where you can most successfully drive clients to the page.

You can even share the link to the page over your social media platforms.

3. Harness the power of Emails

Do you request client email addresses at the occasion of offer or care?

Assuming this is the case, you'll rapidly understand that email is one of the best client review systems today.

A solid way to get more Google reviews is to ask for them in your month-to-month newsletters.

In case you're making an impression on your clients, make sure to add a link to your Google business listing.

This will take them a couple of minutes to share their experience.

Getting Google Reviews from emails is a speedy procedure, however the advantages are continuous.

The more individuals you can influence to leave a Google review for your business, the more likely you are going to achieve your business goals.

In case you're not yet putting accentuation on Google business Reviews, then this is an ideal opportunity to change that!

Bonus Point: There is no fees associated with leaving reviews.

This is why positive Google reviews that endorse your business are a free marketing tool.

There’s nothing crazy about requesting your clients to produce something that will encourage other prospective consumers.

Moreover, if you have satisfied consumers, you’d be astounded at how prepared they’ll be to compose a review.

As long as the method is clear and you make it quick and simple to do, you’re destined to receive some reviews from your email campaign.

4. Create a direct link for Google reviews

A unique link acts as a splendid tool that urges clients to review your business on Google.

Here's a way by which you can create a link that enables clients to give their review easily.

  1. Go to the Google Maps Place ID Finder
  2. Look up your business
  3. Now copy the place ID that shows up with your business
  4. Paste your ID into the link given below

https://search.google.com/neighborhood/writereview?placeid=[paste your place ID here]

Remember to share this link on your

  1. Email campaigns
  2. Social media profiles
  3. Customer feedback platforms
  4. Or at any place where clients are probably going to leave a review

To have all the bases secured here, here is another process in case you don't have a business review link.

The most effective method to leave a Google Review on Mobile

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Search your business name
  3. Click on the business listing
  4. Then click on the “Reviews” tab

You'll see a "Rate and review" area where you can give the business a star rating.

When you select the star rating, you'll have the alternative to compose a review about the experience.

Step by step instructions to leave a Google Review on Desktop

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Search your business name
  3. Click on the business listing
  4. Then click on the “Reviews summary”
  5. Finally, click on “Write a review”

On the other hand, you can click on the star rating beneath the title of the business listing.

This will take you to the review pane, which will give you the choice to compose a review.

For both of these strategies, clients will be approached to rate your business from one to five stars.

Apart from giving ratings to your business, clients can also include remarks, add pictures of your business or the location surrounding it.

Then to publish, they'll essentially need to click "Post."

5. Engage your employees

A wonderful but also the most overlooked way to get more Google reviews is to train your employees to request them from clients.

Here are two simple ways in which you can handle this opportunity.

  • Step 1: Provide a Script The request-pitch should be simple yet effective. For example, "We're so happy you came in today. Would you mind looking into our business on Google and leave us a review? Your input encourages us know how we did today, and how we can convey an even superior experience for you next time." By keeping your employees interested in the business’ prosperity you make a system of trust and unwaveringness with their positive conduct. This also enables your business to accomplish higher and simpler appropriation paces of the products or services in which you may have invested.
  • Step 2: Provide an Incentive Rewarding employees based on the number of Google reviews they get is an incredible method of motivating your employees. And of course getting more reviews. An incentive can be a major spark for them to request reviews as a part of their daily schedule. Remember, landing page will attract higher percent of consumers and Google rewards organizations that have incessant and positive reviews. They are a basic segment of Google's ranking calculation. This implies that increasingly extraordinary reviews can enable you to climb in local search results.

6. Stay responsive

We can't underscore enough the significance of responding back to online reviews on Google.

As indicated by an eye-opening research by Harvard Business Review, organizations start to get 12 percent more reviews, when they begin reacting to existing ones.

Responsiveness likewise prompts an expansion of ratings by 0.12 stars.

Google reviews or any other review platform has become the main marketing strategy for many SEO experts, top brands and organizations.

This includes proactively mentioning or approaching clients for reviews on Google or on some other review site.

As indicated by research, organizations that proactively ask for reviews experience higher ratings, averaging around 4.34 stars.

On the other hand, those who wait for the reviews get an average of 3.89 stars.

Amazing, right?

The secret of producing a higher number of 5-star appraisals is to directly contact clients for Google reviews.

There are two manners by which you can respond to reviews regarding your online business.

  1. Positive reviews: Being explicit, convenient, and appreciative in your reactions to positive surveys will sire progressively positive Google reviews. You may get to the #1 spot in Google search rankings by working on your website’s SEO. However, establishing credibility behind your brand will always remain crucial. Because it will ensure that you always get high-quality business. And that can be accomplished through a positive image through Google reviews.
  2. Negative reviews: Responding expeditiously and courteously to negative reviews. And really settling the issue can mostly bring about the transformation of a negative review into a positive one.
  3. Neutral reviews: Reviews that are three-star ones need subtleties as the customer doesn't emphatically like or dislike your service or product your item or administration.

These reviews frequently convey negative and positive remarks.

Thus, you have to fortify the positive and address the worry, to demonstrate your reviewer that you actually care.

This will also lead to more leads and a happy customer.

As, majority of consumers favour and trust online reviews the same as they value personal recommendations.

This is why building up your Google reviews increases the chances of a Google searcher finding and engaging with your business information.

7. Satisfy your clients

Maybe the simplest, best, and major approach to get more Google reviews with five-star reviews is to reliably convey superb degrees of administration.

And make "wow" minutes with clients.

On the off chance that, there are some clients who are not fulfilled or content with their experience.

And are in this manner prone to post negative Google reviews rather than positive.

At that point try to contact them and recognize & address their issues, as mentioned above.

Satisfying your clients will lead to more purchases. Why?

Because most of us properly research the web and read the reviews, before even thinking of making a purchase.

This is so common that is has become a part of normal consumer behaviour.

Which is why it can't be ignored.

In simple terms, the more Google reviews your business has, the more sales you would get.

Here are some interesting stats that highlight the importance of getting more Google reviews:

  • 92% of customers read online reviews
  • 40% of buyers make a judgment after going through 1 to 3 reviews,
  • 26% of buyers state it's significant that a local business replies to their reviews
  • 88% trust online reviews which is very close to personal recommendations
  • 23% will visit the business premises straightforwardly subsequent to perusing positive surveys
  • 95% of customers presume faked reviews of censorship when they don't see any bad online reviews or scores

Moreover, among the 200+ ranking components in Google's search engine algorithm, about 13% originate from reviews posted online.

So, for example if you have a 5-star rating in Facebook, and 3.5 in Google, that is going to hurt your overall rankings in Google Search.

Why is that?

Because, Google, mainly focuses on the reviews that are composed on its platform, according to Google Search Algorithm.

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8. Make Google Business Reviews a Habit

The truth of the matter is that individuals trust how other customers review a business.

In fact, numerous individuals feel that reviews posted by outsiders are as trustworthy as personal recommendations.

Utilize this information to enhance your business’ growth!

Make it a propensity to make review requests to your clients regarding your business. A review card is also a great idea.

If the process for asking a review is as simple as possible, then you are probably going to get more Google business reviews appearing on your posting.